2oz Restoration Spray (Perfect Travel Size)2 month’s supply....Don’t leave home without it!

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This is an all natural antibacterial oil spray derived from the earth’s most pure and potent essential oils and ingredients for the treatment of major and minor Scalp / Skin Irritations such as acne, dry scalp, eczema, pimples, psoriasis, razor bumps, ring worm, hair boils and folliculitis. This products is also an anti-fungal treatment of the scalp and skin.

Restoration Spray aids in the healing of most skin and scalp irritations. 

It has offered instant relief and has shown restoration of the skin and scalp in minor cases within a few days and in severe cases within a month! 

Restoration spray has rejuvenated hair follicles and has shown hair growth in many who suffer from alopecia.


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